Cayman Islands Grapple Truck Rentals & Services

grapple truckIsland Waste Carriers also offers grapple truck services. A grapple truck is a hydraulic knuckle boom loader, which includes stabilizers/outriggers, an all-purpose clamshell bucket, and usually a dump body, which is mounted on a chassis.

The grapple truck is the perfect fit for picking up bulky waste, brush, and debris. It is an excellent complement to construction projects. One common application is to use the grapple truck for picking up material during demolition. With attachments like the clam, scoop, and rake, this truck can work with materials as fine as gravel and ballast and as large as ties and tree branches. With the grapple attachment, the grapple truck can quickly transfers scrap from construction sites and also derelict cars. To have your waste collected, please make sure that there is adequate clearance for the truck. For example, make sure there are no power lines, trees, or structures that would obstruct the truck from loading.

grapple truck Island Waste Carriers can schedule a convenient time to come out to your work site and hall away the waste. We also offer this truck for rental at some of the best prices you’ll find in Grand Cayman.